Everyone knows: if you want to trim your girth, it won’t hurt to do some yoga and eat some yogurt (maybe in a yurt, just for the experience). Now, I’m more of a jogger (or runner) than a yogi (I can hardly bear it – instructors who assume that everyone can flop forward, and who treat downward dog as a resting position – but my wife does it with astonishing ease), but I do like yogurt.

But please, none of that low-fat over-sweetened rubbish. What a fraud. They take away something essential that makes it better tasting and more satisfying, and in compensation double up on something that is rather worse for your health. When I eat yogurt, I eat the full-fat kind. The kind I only need two spoonfuls of and I’m good.

I have said before that every word is one of Proust’s madeleines, a key…

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